How to cure dry cough

The flu and the cold season … so no one enjoys it! In addition to all our concerns about swine flu and swine flu, we are still exposed to the cold. One of the main symptoms that people complain about is dry, annoying and boring spam.

Well, there is still hope, because there is a new over-the-counter drug that cures dry cough. Dry cough can range from an extremely dry dry tuft to a stubborn “throat scratch” keeping.

There are medications that can be treated in a round … like antihistamines and decongestants. These medications can help treat some problems that can lead to dry cough.

Antitussives have a direct effect on the treatment of dry cough by preventing the cough reflex.

Currently, dextromethorphan (Delsym, Robitussin Capsules) is the only cough medicine available on the market. Composite products such as Mucinex DM, Robitussin DM and Nyquil also contain dextromethorphan.

So what is new medicine about? It is called Clofera (clofedianol and pseudoephedrine) and has an antitussive and a “new” substance.

The reason for the “new” Clopidianol is that it was already approved in the early sixties. It has long been marketed in Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan, but is operating in the US market.

The good news is that there will soon be two options for the treatment of dry cough. The bad news is that none of them succeeded.

When the drug representative came for the first time and told me about the new drug, I was confused and then looked a bit more. I searched for studies on the new property, but found only those that were made in the rabbit (!)

I called the company (Centrex), but it was in vain. Although it is very beautiful, only the study (published in English), an earlier study on rabbits, a study! I also contacted the FDA. They said Clovera has not been approved yet.

After searching more, I found more studies. Studies have shown that clopidianol and dextromethorphan are better than placebo at best, no good! The truth has to be said, even if I know, if my nose hurts, I still have dextromethorphan (and the thumbs).

The best over-the-counter treatment for dry cough is the antihistamine (Claritin-chloratadine, Zyrtec-thyrizine, Benadryl-Diphenhydramine) + menthol drops for cough + gargle with warm salt water (3 times a day) + honey and lemon tea … you can always Add Dextromethorphan or Chlophedianol to convince your body that it works (also known as the placebo effect).

Antihistamines help treat runny nose, which often causes sore throat and coughing.

  • Menthol cough tablets – they work well! (Chew suck! J)
  • Warm salt water and tea with honey and lemon help relieve sore throat and reduce coughing

If your weight seriously affects your quality of life, you may be in the area of ​​water leakage (general) or Tussionex (single brand). Both drugs have a codeine derivative (codeine is a very good cough). But be careful, because it can make you tired and spoiled.

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