Benefits of a dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loyal, loving, cared for and loved. Because of the long history of dogs and humans, we feel better when we are close to each other. His symbiotic relationship far exceeded the initial interest of dogs as workhorses. Now we have close dogs accompanying them, beloved pets and family friends.

However, the benefits of finding a loyal family partner go beyond simple feelings of security and lazy love. Dogs can have a noticeable impact on our physical and emotional health. Owning a dog can be a very rewarding relationship for a variety of reasons.

Low blood pressure A New York State study found that a mere pet in a group of high blood pressure stockbrokers works to lower blood pressure.
Low Cholesterol A study in Australia found that pet owners have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart disease.
High survival rate after illness. Pet owners live more often than non-pet owners after serious medical interventions or health problems. A pet can make people live.
However, owning a dog can go beyond stress and blood pressure. Studies show that dogs also have a very positive impact on mental health.
Owning a dog reduces loneliness. That’s clear, because it’s useful. People living alone do not only talk about loneliness when a happy dog ​​is waiting for them at home, but also say that pets are a good motivator to talk to others. In addition, it is impossible to overestimate the value of the dog’s business.
Owning a dog reduces depression. For the above reasons, dog owners report lower levels of depression than owners of non-similar animals.
Owning a dog can help your children grow. Children who have pets at home have the highest rate of assessment of empathy and cognitive abilities. They tend to be more self-esteem. Who does not look proudly at his dog in childhood?
Having a dog makes the family happier. Families with dogs said their dogs had a positive impact on family dynamics. And why not, with little stress and satisfaction for children who live in houses with dogs?
It is therefore clear that dogs have great benefits for the health and happiness of their owners. It is no wonder that dog owners seem a little happier than their friends who have no pets.

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