Study in Canada – a unique experience

There is no doubt that study abroad will give you a great opportunity to learn some important things that are very useful for developing your career. Now, Canada has also created a name for itself by providing its students with a good education and safe and healthy environment. That is why every year more than 30,000 foreign students register at recognized Canadian universities. The attachment of Canada is of utmost importance to education, and the first modified education system is built with high standards. It is a perfect educational destination and offers students a unique experience in education, arts and culture. Canada spends more education than the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the highest in the G-8 countries.

Canadian education for higher education is useful and universities offer first-class education. These Universities are affordable compared to other universities in the world, such as the United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, where the cost of education and life is high. According to the 2006 survey of the Commonwealth Universities Association, “compared to the UK and Australia, Canada provides the lowest rates for international students.”

The intensity of the country’s low crime and safe and peaceful environment attracts many international students at Canadian universities. Canada has 92 universities, 175 community colleges and three university degrees: undergraduate, graduate and doctor degree.

A degree in Canada is provided for three or four full years, depending on the type of program you are running (regular or specialized). On the other hand, the master’s degree consists of two academic years, regarded as honorary title. For a doctor program at the University of Canada, you need three to four or five years of intensive research and study. The PhD and the Doctorate (DMus) as well as the Law (LLD) are available at universities.

At Canadian universities, you will find many certification and credit programs, usually lasting one to two years. In addition to regular academic degree in administration and engineering, you can also earn degrees in various fields such as medicine, pharmacy, law, care, dentistry, education and social work. Some Canadian universities around the world and the diploma and diploma they receive from Canadian universities are recognized worldwide and promise a bright future. After graduation you’ll also find a good job vacancy in Canada. Students with a Canadian degree or diploma can work up to one year. Students need international work permit to work on campus.

For foreign students wishing to study in Canada, they must obtain permission from Canada’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. You can also find scholarship programs administered by Canadian universities. Students who can not afford the tuition can opt for these programs by earning at least 90% to 95% of their income. One of the key tests that must be passed to all foreign students is TOEFL, which is compulsory for students whose native language is not English. The TOEFL score is very important in determining your career for the best universities in Canada.

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