The road is free in Canada.

Canada has become a much more attractive destination for international students. In the last ten years, the number of foreign students has doubled, making Canada one of the most popular travel destinations for international students around the world.

Educational institutions and government levels work together to help foreign students with Canadian IDs stay permanently in Canada if they wish.

Typically, half of Canadian university students studying in Canada apply for a permanent residence permit after graduation. When participating in programs like Canadian Experience Class and Candidate Regional Programs, around 86 percent of these applications are approved.

The Canadian Experience Class is a federal program that directly targets the transfer of foreign students to permanent residences. Introduction In 2008, the Canadian class allows international students to migrate more easily to permanent residency. As a result, post-secondary institutions have become major factors in the immigration system in Canada. Federal Government projects provide permanent residences of up to 25,000 immigrants through 2014 (both for international students and for foreigners).

The attraction of foreign students in Canada is a priority at all levels of government and educational institutions. Foreign students carry around 6,500 million Canadian dollars (6,400 million US dollars) in the Canadian economy, to say nothing of intangible assets whose prices can not be assessed as skills, innovation and diversity. diversified.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) students are now considered priority transfers, and it has become a rethinking result of “temporary residents of a highly qualified permanent resident group”. In Canada, where migration is about to make up the whole population growth and where most new jobs will require post-secondary education, new immigration policies are introduced to use the capabilities of international student.

Naomi Boim, a senior fellow and associate professor of Maitre at the School of Political Studies at the University of Queensland, found that changes made to Canadian immigration policies were taken into consideration by the transfer of students, provided that international students can prevent these barriers. Due to their education in Canada, language skills and work experience, they regularly face highly skilled immigrants.

Preliminary research indicates that immigrants with an old international student status can lead to better economic results. Immigrants with experience in education and employment in Canada earn around $ 12,000 annually more than skilled or educational professionals in Canada.

International students have some important things to consider when choosing to stay in Canada. In a recent CBIE survey of foreign students in Canada half of students surveyed and three-quarters of students selected Canada as a study destination, 51% of students and 57% Of the students you are planning a permanent residence permit.

If you are interested in continuing your study in Canada, by completing a foreign graduate from a post-secondary institution in Canada and collecting in Canada for at least one year of work experience (or equivalent qualification ) with appropriate business or study permits on the way to Canada.

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