All about the TOEFL

One of the most important universities in the United States is the TOEFL (English Test as a Foreign Language). The exam must be for undergraduate, bachelor and master students.

The main objective of the TOEFL test is to assess the ability of non-native English speakers in American English (As written, spoken and spoken) to use and understand.

More than 6,000 universities, colleges, sponsorship institutions, professional schools and scholarship programs in over 110 countries receive TOEFL scores to measure the capabilities of the candidate.

Remember that while the TOEFL exam provides a high score, it does not guarantee accreditation abroad. It is imperative and therefore can not be ignored or ignored.

The TOEFL test is now a computer computer test that can be obtained throughout the year. In India, tests are conducted every Saturday and Sunday.

The main TOEFL sections are listening, vocabulary, reading comprehension, speech and writing.

The test takes about 4.5 hours. The time devoted to each section, listening: 60 to 90 minutes (34-51 questions), 60-100 minutes reading (36-70 questions): 20 minutes 6 activities 50 minutes TOEFL questions. During the test there is a forced rest of 10 minutes.

The computer customization exam shows the questions individually. Most have many question questions. Be careful as you can not skip any questions (the following question will be shown only if you answer the current question) and do not change the answer to any question. Depending on your answer, the computer will change the question with the correct level of difficulty. The first question is always poor.

ETS has made TOEFL test. He continues to keep his grades in the four universities he or she chooses (costs are included in the fee structure). The names of these universities must be presented before the exam. Therefore, select universities according to the priorities of their applications. For a small fee, you may be eligible for other universities. TOEFL ratings are valid for two years.

In India, a TOEFL-assisted computer test costs $ 165 (including 4 universities that benefit from assessment points and a test score report).

TOEFL test fee must be paid in US dollars at ETS-TOEFL. It should be paid to the United States of America. This project is available at branch offices of major banks with exchange offices. You can also pay with a credit card accepted worldwide as Visa, Master, Amex and Discover.

The ETS franchise in India is Prometric Testing Private Limited. Your address is:

2nd floor, DLF Infinity Tower – A

Sector 25, LP stage

City of Delf, Gurgaon



Phone 91-124-4147700

Fax: 91-124-4147773 / 74

You can register by phone, online, personally (models can be purchased in local currency) or by mail / courier. If you sign up by e-mail or courier, fill out the form, format it and make sure documents are received at least 4 weeks before the scheduled trial date. If you have not received confirmation at least 3 days before your first choice, you may contact Prometric Testing Private Limited.

It is best to register at least 90 days in advance for the date of your choice during the main period (September to December). In the case of normal inscriptions, the inscription should be made at least 7 days before the trial. Late check-in (3 days before) will have a surcharge of USD 25.

To schedule a test, contact the TOEFL Regional Registration Center in New Delhi. The contact number is 011-2651-1649.

If you want to reschedule or cancel the trial, contact Prometric at least 3 business days (before 12:00). The reprogramming fee is $ 50.

Carry a valid identification document, eg As a passport (mandatory), driver’s license, issued by the government ID (same name to the registration), a recent photo and the registration number.

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