Music and Math – What the Spirit Can Do!

We all know that music influences the mind and the children who study it are better in math, spatial thinking and language. It’s really amazing, but I think none of us wonder what we are. I recently met a man who, in his childhood, was a young music teacher and mathematician who had never made a name for himself. However, I presented one of the most interesting theories I heard throughout the month.

It seems to have assumed that many of the remarkable finds that occurred during the Newtonian era once in less than a century and a great advancement of the human being, one might ask why. The local young master suggested that he refer to contemporary music. Therefore, we should ask: Is the music of the Church at that time helping the brain to develop or think better?

When I say, “this is really an interesting conversation”. “We call it an echo, if you like it?” Yes, no, that will explain it, it grows. The Brainwaves contain frequency, the cells are changed with some frequency, the bacteria are active and continue this way. Everything works in the organics in vibrational energy, plants, people, bacteria, everything.

We know from study and research that music, math, high intelligence and memory are united. If we know this is the case now, why not? Did Newton and his contemporaries experience a genetic rebound from the music they heard, helping them bring people to the next level through their discoveries? That may be, I go to this theory, unless I have another explanation.

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