Nine secrets for the success of visa applications in 2009

  1. Applicants for a visa without a visa or visa without visas (visits or study visits) are generally considered immigrants, foreigners or settlers residing overseas. The Applicant is responsible for ensuring that the Entrant or Consular Officer, who does not travel for resolution purposes, is respected. You must prove that you have a reason to return to your country after a short stay. As with current / future work, homeownership, family relationships, financial commitments and obligations, inheritance, investment, career opportunities, etc. (If there is reason to travel from liquidation reasons, you are not this category should be requested at the beginning). ,
  2. communicate effectively), either through their application forms and supporting documents or in the interview phase, their ideas should be clear and concise and practical and, above all, they should be well-established and well-established and know the facts and procedures that apply to the class application and the visa application,

3.) If the interview is necessary and explicit, you trust that you go voluntarily to the relevant information, review your requests and the reasons supporting it, you should be after all this, you have to hide , fearless or Have a break (Tust you)

4.) Determine your schedule, plans and programs and how they fit the overall picture. Every applicant who gets an onion needs to know in detail why his visit or study is very important, and what potential benefits are for the near future. Failure to do so may affect your chances of expressing doubt as a result of your expected claims.

  1. It is not uncommon for visa officials to be overwhelmed by the number of daily applications. Therefore, it is important that the applicant be as short as possible. Visa agents are often subject to significant time constraints for fast, efficient, or document analysis and immediate access to decisions about the impressions they make during the review.

6.) Your proof should be clear in a case for visa or consular officer, what is the existing evidence, what it indicates and what is proven. Explanations of Prolix and the distorted evidence of the documentary are not easy to understand or evaluate.

  1. Even though immigration requirements may be consistent, some countries have obtained their rights classification as high-risk countries on the basis of available migration indicators, such as from countries with economic problems or from countries with a large number of migrants. O terrorist zones. You can deal with more challenging visa challenges. The work of each Applicant is to clarify why your application should be considered as deviating from the rule.
  2. If dependents are present, the applicant must be prepared to demonstrate the support arrangements satisfactorily and have the opportunity to continue to support dependents of available resources, either country or country of origin.
  3. Finally, each applicant should be optimistic and provide a picture of age and freedom, taking into account the emphasis on plan plans after the return.

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