Unexpected treatment of arthritis: fish oil capsules


Let’s be honest: Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the weakest and most painful diseases. It affects almost 2% of the world’s population and suffers from chronic and painful pains. Traditional medicines use medicines to treat the problem, but side effects can worsen the treatment compared to the disease. Fortunately, recent research has shown that fish oil appears as a natural remedy in treating the cause of arthritis.

Australian study
A recent study in Australia divided a group of volunteers into two groups: half of them received a daily supplement of fish oil, half of them with corn oil and olive oil. olive.

After 15 weeks, the omega-3 base supplement group reported significant improvements, especially with regard to reducing morning stiffness.

The researchers d. “Dietary supplements for fish should now be considered part of the standard treatment for rheumatoid arthritis,” noted Cleland and James.

How does this work?
One of the keys to the research was to reduce the amount of omega 6 times in the diet of patients to 10 grams per day to reduce the amount of inflammation caused by the patient. You see, omega-6 fatty acids produce so-called oxidative stress or oxygen-related stress that creates free radicals that damage your cells. This tension causes damage and this damage causes inflammation of your body. It is believed that this inflammation is responsible for swollen joints and morning stiffness.

Deal with the damage
Research has shown that the most reliable way to treat cell damage is to achieve the omega-3-omega-6 ratio as quickly as possible. Omega-6, like safflower oil, lights up margarine’s joints, omega-3, as in salmon, flax and walnut, repairs damaged cells and reduces their damage.

Getting enough omega-3s can be challenging. When treating fish oil for arthritis, the most reliable way to ensure a high dose is enough to make a difference.

Therapeutic levels of omega-3 fish make it susceptible to mercury, lead, or PCB poisoning if you do not choose the source carefully. It is very important to choose a high quality partial cut oil during the concentration process. Trading oils are not cut.

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